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Tzivia Kay

Musical Healer


Tzivia is a nurturing soul that wants everyone to feel love and peace. Her songs are a beam of light that she believes come to her straight from above. Her healing energy and powerful voice takes you to another dimension. 

Tzivia Kay was born in the former Soviet Union and raised in a Secular, Russian speaking Jewish home.  She remembers demanding for that "pen and paper," and making up songs in her backyard since early childhood. Tzivia foresaw herself on a Stage and knew that she would become an Artist one day.

Tzivia’s main purpose is being a loving wife and mother, always putting her family first, trying to lead by example in every aspect or situation.

Tzivia is a bilingual Teacher, Poet, Singer/Songwriter, Inspirational Speaker, Actress, Artist, Parodist, Radio Talk Show Host, Producer and Performer for Women and Girls for all occasions. 

Her original and inspirational songs bring herself, her family and others closer to Hashem. Tzivia enjoys working and inspiring all Jewish Communities.  However, her main focus is Outreach as she herself is a very strong Baal Tshuva and can highly relate to the Kiruv Community, hoping to make a difference in people’s lives by bringing them closer to Yiddishkeit & to Hashem.

Music plays the biggest and most important role in Tzivia's life, "It is music and prayer that brought me this far and led me to all of you today," she says.

Nonetheless, Tzivia Kay is also the Founder of Tanya's World, - Mind, Body & Soul, currently based in Brooklyn, New York, where she practices Holistic & Alternative Medicine. Tzivia is a certified 3 Dimensional Therapist  Practitioner, Aromatherapy, AromaTouch Technique Certified, Wellness & Right way of Lifestyle Coach, focusing on balance & Harmony of the Mind, Body & Soul. Tzivia is further studying at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for Massage Therapy & Acupuncture.

Her dream is to continue to bring healing into this world with Hashem’s help & guidance. Spreading joy, love and peace through her work is what she believes will bring us all closer together. 

My First Album

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My New Music Video

My New Original Single

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My New Album

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